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Tykes N Tots Indoor Play

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Come Run, Explore, interact, Have Fun and Learn!

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Come Run, Explore, Interact, Have Fun and Learn!

Las Vegas, NV is frequently either too hot or too cold for little ones to play outside. As parents of 3 children, all under 6, we understand little ones have limited play areas. Tykes N Tots Indoor Play is a great alternative, offering a safe, fun and climate-controlled environment for children to play.

Our indoor play area is exclusive for children 6 & under. SOCKS are required for everyone.

Your children will love our large open play area.

You Will Love Knowing That It is:

  • Clean
  • Educational
  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Soft
  • Spacious

Let your children learn and burn off energy as they run, explore and interact with our age-appropriate toys and equipment.

Don't Worry, We Haven't Forgotten About the Adults! Keep an Eye on Your Children While You:

Have fun and learn
  • Browse the internet with our free WIFI
  • Relax on a nearby comfortable couch
  • Visit our snack bar
  • Watch TV 

Special Events 

Tykes N Tots Indoor Play is the perfect place to host your next event, from play groups to birthday parties to team events. Visit our Birthday Parties page for more information. We are currently booking 1 to 2 months in advance.

Safe and Clean 

Our goal is to be fun, but also safe and clean. We clean our toys and equipment regularly, and it is mandatory for socks to be worn by all visitors. If you forget your socks at home, we have some available for purchase.  We also have a no outside food policy for health reasons.

Visit us today, and stop by our TNT Toys store right next door. We have dolls, hot wheels,UFC Figures, Marvel Figures, DC Figures, WWE, CARS The Movie, Hot Wheels, McFarlane and more...  

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